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06. What is the difference between a ‘project’ and an ‘application’ within the OSADP?


The term ‘application’ refers to the completed source code and associated documentation that is contained in the OSADP repository. ‘Application’ implies a dynamic mobility application developed through funding provided by the USDOT. It also implies that the application is complete and has been released for download from the OSADP.


The term ‘project’ refers to the collaborative environment that is used to develop an application within the OSADP. ‘Project’ implies that the development work required to build the application is underway as opposed to complete. The collaborative environment of the OSADP is facilitated through GitHub. A registered user can create new projects and/or contribute to already created projects via the OSADP. To create a new project, the registered user must complete the New Project Request form, which is available under the “Open Source” item on the top menu.

To collaborate on an existing project, the registered user must complete the Open Source Collaboration Request form located under the “Open Source” menu item.