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10. The application I want to upload includes multiple components. Does that change how I would upload it to the OSADP?

Not necessarily. In these situations, you are encouraged to contact the OSADP portal administrator (contact us) notifying them that the package includes multiple components. At this point, the OSADP portal administrator will work one-on-one with the submitter to ensure that their application is released in the most streamlined way possible. In general, for complex applications that include multiple components, the OSADP administrator recommends that the submitter take additional actions when uploading:

  • Consider and identify what components are the most relevant to potential downloaders. Also consider what you have permission to share, as some components may have been developed external to your project.
  • Consider documentation beyond the minimum requirements (license, readme, release notes and attribution) to help potential downloaders. For example:
    • A diagram depicting the data flows/relationship between the components that are part of the upload package
    • Definition of the interfaces of components that ARE NOT a part of the upload package
  • The uploaded package should include primary source code, instructions and documentation, and NOT external binary components e.g. executable files. The package file size should be less than 100 MB.
  • If a component can be cleanly separated from the uploaded application , and has value for other systems, the uploader may wish to submit a separate upload request and upload that component to a separate Github repository.

Components that are commercial or independent, e.g., virtual machine image, code library (.dll) files, binary code – should be treated as separate components from the uploaded package and should provide sufficient instructions for integration or re-assembly.

In addition, there is a discussion forum topic for OSADP open source uploader regarding uploading complex applications. Uploaders are encouraged to review and contribute to this forum.