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Build Documentation Missing Minor Details

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2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #169 by mrixman
mrixman created the topic: Build Documentation Missing Minor Details
The release notes on the project page imply that the command:
will configure a build environment. You also need to specify which directory to build into.

Instead of:
    sudo make install
    cd ..

You probably want:
    cmake .
    sudo make install
    cd ..

Note the dot after cmake
Readme.txt does not have this problem

Also, the readme says:

Downloaders will need to compile the projects in TMX/Core first.
Start with the TmxUtils project, then the TmxApi, followed by the TmxCore. After those are built, you can
compile any of the projects from the Plugins directory.

But no specifics are given. Should I mirror the workflow above?

Finally, the readme says:

To compile a project:
• Change directory to the Debug or Release subfolder for the project (cd Debug)
• Run cmake (cmake ..)

I don't see a Debug or Release folder in the project. Does cmake create one somewhere? Should I just create one arbitrarily? and do all of my building from there? I generally don't expect it to matter with cmake, but the fact that you specify a target folder makes me wonder if there's some magic going on there that I don't want to upset.

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